Root canal treatments

In the world of dentistry, root treatment retain a place of respect. This treatment is very old and established, which has created a real revolution in the field and in the lives of countless patients around the world. Today it is a very routine treatment which is one of the pillars of dental medicine. At EasDent, we offer patients an innovative approach that allows them to receive the best and most professional treatment, but at a fraction of the costs available in Israel. If you suffer from severe toothaches and need root canal treatment, continue reading and you are on the safe path to a quality and attractive solution at the price level.


The essence of root treatment


In severe cases of caries, tooth decay and other gum diseases, the inner part of the tooth can be severely damaged and cause severe pain, difficulty eating and even death of the tooth in the end. Root canal treatment is designed to treat the root of the problem and give the patient a qualitative response, while preserving the tooth itself. The essence of the treatment is to treat the tooth nerve and damaged tooth pulp tissues.


The outer layers of the tooth are the enamel and the dentin, where the tissues of the nerves, blood vessels and fluid between cells are present in the core of the tooth. Carcinogenic bacteria damage the outer layers and if they do not “catch” the problem in time and treat it, the bacteria penetrate the tooth’s core and cause damage that causes very severe pain that requires immediate treatment. The root treatment removes all the core tissue from the injured tooth, but keeps the outer tooth intact and functional. The space created in the treatment is filled with special dedicated material.

Neglecting a condition that requires root canal treatment will eventually lead to the death of the tooth, the removal and installation of a full artificial crown on top of a dental implant – a more complex procedure and of course more expensive.


טיפול שורש

How It Works?


Determining whether root canal treatment is necessary is done by careful examination of the dentist and on the basis of photographs showing the extent of damage within the tooth itself, if necessary, the procedure itself includes several stages – depending on the severity of the condition and its complexity, the number of treatments and waiting times between treatment Root canal treatments can be completed in one day, but there are cases that require a waiting period and recovery from one stage to another.


  • The dentist penetrates the enamel and dentine layer of the tooth and begins to move toward the tooth’s core through a dedicated drill and drilling head.
  • After the tooth ducts are exposed and the damaged tooth tissue is removed, the doctor cleans the ducts of the tooth roots from tissues using a special file and dedicated materials.
  • After cleaning the canals, removing the tooth pulp tissue and implementing actions to eliminate bacteria in the treated area, the doctor clogs the cavity of the tooth that has been created.
  • The outer tooth can now be designed with a filler and, in more difficult cases, a crown should be installed on the outer tooth if too much tissue is damaged and removed.


Providing a quick response to tooth root problems can prevent the need for dental implants and of course save you a lot of pain and aggravation. Contact EasyDent today for more details and to arrange a consultation session, advanced and personalized dental treatments, in leading clinics in Eastern Europe and at significantly lower costs – 1700-703-720

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