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Periodontal surgery

In some cases of periodontal disease and other structural problems, periodontal surgery may be necessary.

When identifying the nature of the problem in a timely manner and treating it promptly, periodontal disease can be resolved with very simple and rapid treatment, so it is critical not to neglect. The world of dentistry has progressed greatly in recent years and today offers advanced and high-quality solutions especially in more complex and difficult situations that require different types of periodontal surgery.

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It is very important to take the issue of gum surgery seriously, just like any other surgery. This is because all the typical procedures for a normal invasive medical procedure are involved here: local anesthesia, appropriate tools, recovery period, various risks and so on. This is why it is very important to go through all these procedures in a customized institution with all the necessary conditions, including staff, equipment, sterile environment.

As part of EasyDent's service, various periodontal treatments, including the most complex surgeries, can be under optimum conditions and with a required recovery period and proper follow-up. All this at reasonable and affordable prices.

When is gum surgery required?

Gum health is critical to our dental health and proper functioning. The gums are the tissue that is located on the jawbones and which the teeth attach to. In the context of periodontal surgery, several types of surgery and treatment categories can be defined, for example:

One of the common reasons for periodontal surgery is bone grafting as a standard procedure for standard dental implantation. But beyond that, surgery is sometimes required to deal with injuries and traumas, drain inflammatory areas and more. The decision to perform a change analysis is usually made after the attempt at rooting has not helped. This procedure allows cleaning of the tooth roots and making sure that the gum injury process is stopped.

Types of invasive periodontal surgery

The gums surgery can be divided into four main types:

  • Restrain Surgery - The purpose of these surgeries is to stop the destructive process that takes place in the gums, in order to break down the harmful bacteria layer that is deep beneath the root of the teeth.
  • Regenerative Surgery - These surgeries are required after severe periodontal retraction and are required to prevent tooth loss. The process involves bone grafting and the use of material that encourages tissue renewal in some of the gums.
  • Transplant surgery - These are the most complex types of surgery. Usually the tissues of the person himself are taken from the inner palate. It is worth noting that this is one of the most complex issues in periodontia that requires, extensive experience and of course, a proper working environment.
  • Gum procedures for aesthetic reasons.

There are also gums that are different in substance and type, but these are less common. In many cases, one treatment phase before deciding on periodontal surgery will be deep cleaning and rooting, with or without adjunctive antibiotic therapy. If this option does not produce the desired results and the problem remains, the attending team will seek surgical treatment.

In terms of the nature of the surgeries themselves, periodontal surgery includes periodontal transplant surgery, surgery to cover tooth roots in severe cases of periodontal withdrawal, reduction of gum pockets by surgery or alternatively by inserting special materials, artificial bone grafting or gingival extension and alignment.

The type of surgery, how it is performed and other therapeutic aspects are very individual to each case and fully customized for the specific patient. It is very important to carry out a comprehensive and professional assessment of the situation and to build a detailed treatment plan according to the best of the best in the field. Sometimes the patient will be required to perform a sinus lifting surgery, so it is very important to properly diagnose the patient just as before any standard medical procedure.

Is it possible to have periodontal surgery abroad?

All areas of dentistry have evolved most significantly in recent years, so everything needed for proper surgery can be found in different countries around the world. In order to go through the process professionally, trusted experts in the field, those who will be able to perform all treatments with proper translations, accurate photographs and comprehensive and professional work will ensure a healthy oral space over time.

What happens after a periodontal surgery?

Very common after gum surgery is antibiotic treatment to prevent infections in the treated area. There are surgeries, such as bone graft, for example, in which the development of an infection may result in treatment failure and the need to repeat it - so the matter is important and important. Surgery recovery times vary from person to person and of course depend on the nature of the surgery and its complexity, but you can expect early days with some discomfort and return to relative routine after about a week, the full recovery may take several months and, depending on the case, follow-up treatments such as dental implants, application of porcelain coatings may be required. For teeth to improve the aesthetic of the mouth and so on.

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