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Easy Dent was founded with a genuine desire to revolutionize dentistry for Israeli clients, no less! We are experts in the field of dentistry who want to create a reality in which Israelis can receive the best and most advanced dental treatments, but at significantly lower costs than the high prices in Israel.

This is achieved through an innovative model of dental tourism in Eastern Europe – dental treatments in Romania and Moldova. Thanks to our professional experience, we have joined the leading clinics in the destinations with which we work, ensuring that there are the most skilled doctors, the most up-to-date equipment, the best results and of course the most reasonable prices for you.

We accompany you all the way, including a pre-examination in the Israeli clinic, escorting you back to Israel from treatments in Eastern Europe, responsibility for the success of the treatments and your complete satisfaction.

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Dental care with Easy Dent How does it actually work?

Easy Dent was established to enable you to get professional and customized dental treatments, low costs and an innovative model of dental medical tourism in Europe. Dental care costs in Israel are very high.

When combined with the fact that 42% of Israeli dentists have learned and received their professional training in Eastern Europe, it is necessary to offer patients the possibility of dental treatment in Eastern Europe – cheap and uncompromising in terms of professionalism, equipment, safety, and results.

Easy Dent offers the highest level of care and skilled and experienced physicians in Moldova and Romania, an advance examination by a certified Israeli doctor in a clinic in Israel, a wide range of dental treatments, full responsibility from the moment you enter the clinic and of course costs significantly lower than in Israel. Read and immediately understand the innovative and unique model we have developed for making excellent dentistry accessible to everyone!

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Dental Implants

Low prices and lack of competition for dental implants and dental implants. Use the most advanced implants in a personalized, quality and safe treatment process without compromise. Today you can undergo a very high quality dental implant without breaking the bank..



Complete treatment for oral preparation for the installation of dentures. Custom manufacturing according to digital measurements and performance of treatment by qualified and experienced dentists in the field. All types of dentures at bargain prices..


Root canal treatments

Quality performance, advanced and accurate root canal treatments. Excellent clinical conditions and complete personalization of treatment. Our doctors can save you the tooth and prevent future damage, all at a very attractive price..


Artificial bone grafting

Advanced and leading clinics and doctors who are highly experienced in artificial jaw implants for dental implants, at an unbelievable price! A complete and accurate solution for bone loss and the creation of optimal conditions for oral rehabilitation..


Sine lifting

With Easy Dent, you can undergo a sinus lift treatment to create conditions for dental implants back teeth, at a winning price and under the best clinical conditions in the world. Knowledge and experience in a variety of treatment techniques..


White fillings

If you ask the people around you to open their mouths for a moment (a request that you will probably encounter some surprised looks ...), chances are you will find it difficult to find someone whose mouth is devoid of fillings..


Crowns for porcelain

Dental crowns are medical accessories used for some of the most common treatments, both in the context of functional dentistry and in the context of aesthetic dentistry. The crowns are designed to replace the outside of the..


Oral rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation is considered one of the main areas of dentistry in general, and one of the most sought after areas in dental clinics in Israel. This is because of various dental problems that require general restoration of the mouth..


Upper jaw surgery

The need for upper jaw surgery arises when the upper jaw is not aligned with the lower jaw, or when the teeth in both jaws are not aligned in a straight line and the mouth can not be properly closed. This article explains what upper jaw surgery is..


Periodontal surgery

In some cases of gum disease and other structural problems, surgery may be needed.
When the problem is detected at the time and treated promptly, gum disease can be resolved with treatment..


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