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Dental implants

More and more people are discovering that there is a wonderful, aesthetic and functional solution to missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants using dental implants now offer the forefront of dental technology and are a much more successful and worthwhile replacement than older and less convenient dentures or solutions. A dental implant can replace one missing tooth or one that is irreparably damaged and can also be installed on one dedicated implant several missing teeth in the form of a bridge. The result of dental implants is functioning, aesthetic, durable and comfortable alternative teeth - Easy Dent unique method allows you to save a lot on these quality treatments which in Israel cost a fortune, of course without compromising on professionalism, safety and quality!

Why should I have a dental implant?

If you suffer from missing or severely damaged teeth, if you already have dentures and you suffer from this awkward and non-aesthetic solution - dental implant treatment offers a host of benefits and capabilities. After successful treatment, you will get a full, symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing smile, you will be able to eat normally as well as hard foods, stop being ashamed of the appearance of your teeth and many more benefits.

Missing teeth without a dental implant may cause bone loss in the jawbone. Implant implants significantly reduce this risk. In addition, leaving the missing tooth without proper replacement can cause additional dental problems such as tooth decay to neighboring teeth, improper movement of teeth towards space and other unwanted effects that implants can prevent.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • A perfect and fully functional solution for dentures, missing teeth and highly damaged teeth.
  • Lets keep the neighboring teeth healthy.
  • Complete biological adjustment of the implants - without any immune rejection or other reactions.
  • Long-term solution and incredible durability of the new implants.
  • The use of advanced and dedicated materials allows optimal replacement for teeth.
  • The use of computerized imaging equipment and advanced technological equipment allows perfect implant fit to the patient.

Dental implant characteristics

Dental implant treatment is characterized by having to be customized to the patient, taking into account the jaw structure, oral and gum health and the health of the jawbone and other parameters. Dental implants are now usually made of titanium, with or without other metal alloys. These materials are fully biologically adapted to provide durability, strength and the absence of rejection of the body itself. Screws on screws are mounted on top of which screws a high quality and customized crown. The appearance of a completely natural tooth is obtained and of course the function after recovery is completely normal. There are different types of dental implants, which differ in production materials, size and height.

The implants themselves are inserted into the gums and jawbones, under appropriate anesthesia, of course, and after recovery the outer crowns can be attached. There are currently implantation techniques that require recovery periods between treatment and treatment and there are techniques that can be performed in one day.

Due to the complexity of the dental implant process, treatment costs are not low and many patients are afraid to enter the process. With Easy Dent you get the highest quality and most professional dental care, but at a significantly lower cost compared to any quotation you receive in Israel. Our unique method allows you to truly enjoy all the worlds and also receive expertise, a winning price, advanced implants as well as state-of-the-art medical equipment. Want to get dental implants but are worried about the cost? Contact us today and get ready for the surprise - *9927