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We invite you to join the dental tourism revolution and get the best dental treatments at the lowest prices. We take care of everything, accompany you all the way and connect you with the leading clinics in their field.

Whether you’ve already received an exorbitant bid for treatment in Israel and want to see what we can offer, or simply want to find out more about the innovative dental model that Easy Dent offers to its patients –

Contact us at the form here or call us at the clinic and company offices at: *9927

Advanced dental treatments, high quality and customized, at very low prices – this is not a dream but a reality thanks to the innovative and revolutionary model of the Easy Dent.

Join us and everyone around you will not believe how much you paid for your new quality smile.

Contact us today and you are on your way to healthy and aesthetic teeth, at unmatched cost.

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Schwartz 1 Raanana

Opening Hours:

Sun-Thur: 09:00-17:00