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Easy Dent was founded with a genuine desire to revolutionize dentistry for Israeli clients, no less! We are experts in the field of dentistry who want to create a reality in which Israelis can receive the best and most advanced dental treatments, but at significantly lower costs than the high prices in Israel.

This is achieved through an innovative model of dental tourism in Eastern Europe – dental treatments in Romania and Moldova.​ Thanks to our professional experience, we have joined the leading clinics in the destinations which we work, ensuring that there are the most skilled doctors, the most up-to-date equipment, the best results and of course the most reasonable prices for you.​

We accompany you all the way, including a pre-examination in the Israeli clinic, escorting you back to Israel from treatments in Eastern Europe, responsibility for the success of the treatments and your complete satisfaction.

Benefits of dental care in Romania and Moldova

  • Modern and exclusive clinics, in excellent locations and full professional guidance in your language.
  • New and high-quality medical technologies, along with excellent teams and advanced materials.
  • Work only with specialists in their field, who have been trained in leading institutions and are highly experienced.
  • Compliance with the most advanced and stringent regulatory standards in the field of dentistry and quality control.
  • We offer full personal support in Israel and abroad, before and after treatment, and responsibility for the success of the procedure.
  • Painless treatments with proven success.
  • Prices are market breakers as opposed to any price quotes you receive in Israel – and with uncompromising clinical quality.

Lower the price without compromising quality!

At Easy Dent, we emphasize the quality, success, and safety of the treatment, as the innovative model we have developed enables us to really reduce costs to our customers. Almost half of Israeli dentists are professionally trained in Eastern Europe, along with the same doctors we work within professional clinics, advanced and equipped with the best medical equipment.​

With Easy Dent you can receive VIP service and premium treatment for all advanced and advanced dental treatments – root canal, dental implants for dental implants, teeth whitening, dentures, artificial bone transplants, sinus lift, dental porcelain coating, wisdom teeth extraction, periodontal surgery , Making white fillings, manufacturing and assembling porcelain or zirconia crowns, and so on.

Process Steps

  • You have a dental problem, you went to a dentist in Israel, and you received a diagnosis and a high and expensive price offer for performing the medical procedure.
  • Arrange a meeting with an assistant, come with the relevant diagnosis and photographs.
  • An experienced and certified dentist on behalf of an assistant performs a comprehensive examination and is referred to the appropriate treatment.
  • The Easy Dent team is suitable for you personally and requires all necessary travel arrangements to Romania / Moldova – including flights and accommodation.
  • You land in Eastern Europe, receiving personal and complete accompaniment in Hebrew, English, Russian or Romanian.
  • In an advanced and pleasant clinic, you undergo your treatment, all with the latest means and by a qualified medical team.
  • Returning to Israel at the end of the treatment, follow-up and satisfaction test by the Easy Dent team in Israel.

This whole process allows you to receive excellent treatment and save significant amounts compared to what you would pay in Israel. The Easy Dent team takes full responsibility for the whole course of treatment and makes sure all along you are satisfied and your dental condition is optimal. Each patient has a designated contact person, in Israel, on behalf of the company.

At Easy Dent we will fly you abroad, provide you with the best treatment for your teeth, and bring you back to Israel.

We at Easy Dent provide the most advanced dental services in the world. Our aim is to provide the highest level of treatment with a matching treatment to your budget and schedule. Whether it’s dental implant, crown or full-mouth reconstruction, we offer an unrivaled service.

The cost of dental care in Romania and Moldova, which is performed in a professional dental clinic, is much cheaper than the cost in Israel, so if you are considering dental treatment abroad and you are looking for a professional, experienced and experienced dentist, the best doctor is here. Dental schools in Eastern Europe.

Because of the technological development, dental treatments have become a very popular treatment among the Israeli public, but its cost is still very high in Israel. That is why many people choose to undergo these treatments abroad – but you should not just go anywhere, but choose a quality company like Easy Dent.

At Easy Dent we offer a wide range of dental treatments. We specialize in innovative therapeutic approaches, state-of-the-art equipment and have the most skilled and professional doctors in the world. Because quality does not compromise.

We emphasize the quality of care and satisfaction of our customers,

and we invest and renew our equipment on a regular basis. Our laboratories and treatment rooms are among the most advanced in the world. We offer the most comprehensive warranty and our customers are always very satisfied.

If you are looking for high-quality dental treatments at a very attractive cost, we are here to solve your problems.

Other medical tourism companies do not provide a doctor’s examination in Israel, but at Easy Dent we have a specialist and a local clinic here in Israel, so we provide you with a specialist before your trip and after you return from treatment overseas. Or just want to be sure everything is OK, you can be safe and insured with us and just call and jump to visit our doctor here in Israel.

We provide dental service in a safe, inviting and warm environment, and we are here to make sure that your beautiful smile will be maintained for a long time through our complete medical experience.

How are the treatments so cheap?

One of the questions we get most from patients is, “How are your treatments so cheap compared to Israel?” There are no catches, currency differences and wage costs in Eastern Europe. The main factors are that you get easy, professional, customized dental care from Easy Dent.​

By definition and by our promise: All our doctors and assistants undergo comprehensive professional training at leading academic institutions, where many Israeli dentists also study.
Need dental care but the costs suffocate you?

Looking for professional care but without
breaking the bank?

Easy Dent offers you an innovative solution that offers excellent care and unbeatable prices.